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Your digital agency’s interests should be aligned with yours

 We believe our interests should be aligned with yours. Our every step would be to make you successful!

Paper Boat

Jamil has helped many businesses raise millions of dollars through digital marketing. His techniques have been covered by Quartz. 

Started by Jamil Khan

built by an Entrepreneur for the Entrepreneurs


Jamil's Techniques have been Covered by Major News Outlets

Raised Millions ...


Amazing performance

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Right Targeting

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Set Canadian Record

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Find the right formula and scale the hell out of it

#promote was started because Jamil, the founder who dealt with several digital agencies during his online business saw the disconnect between the agency's and the clients' goals. Digital agencies should not have motive to spend as much as possible.


Agencies should have a motive to grow the business profitably and that’s what #promote is all about. We do not set and forget your campaigns and hope for the best. We have mandatory internal meetings and client meeting every week. We deep dive into the numbers, find the winning formula and scale until the formula works and then switch. 


Let’s see if we can help you

If you have a business in US and you would like to raise money, let's get in touch and make it heppen.

Got it! Hang tight, you will get a call.

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