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#promote was founded by Jamil Khan, A software developer and Internet marketing expert who had an idea about winter coats. He launched a Kickstarter campaign and ended up raising $3.25M on Kickstarter setting a new record for a Canadian Campaign.


While working on digital marketing for his campaign, he developed some strategies that resulted in a great success for his campaign. The ideas were further tested on other businesses and they all reached great level of success. A reporter from Quartz covered this story in this article.


Jamil went on to sell more than $7M in winter coats and more than $20M for 3 businesses he was working on but then as he got busy with his coat business, he tried to outsource the marketing to digital agencies. He found out that digital agencies' pricing model is not aligned with the clients’ interests and that's when the idea of #promote was born. At #promote our philosophy is that we work with a few campaigns at time, find a "success formula" for the business and then scale it aggressively. 



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